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Terms & Conditions:
Renewal: Trade name RM60/ year, Personal name RM30/ year
SSM may charges you penalty fee for late renewal
( Expired 1 day consider 1 month. exp 32 day = expired 2 months )
Branch(s) = RM5 per year for each branch
Business info RM10.00 ( Optional )
How to charges?
Renewal fee + penalty fee + Processing Fee = Total
Once your completed your renewal detail, SSM Renewal Server will do verification and generate the renewal statement.
or check your email after 5-15 minutes and make sure your email address is valid.
Processig Type - Standard Service RM48.00 per renewal and Express Service RM68.00 per renewal
Express service available working day only ( 9:00am - 6:00pm )
Support Helpdesk : 016-4411 631 whatsapp / wechat / livesupport